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Why Our Boutique Hotel’s Certification Matters to Your Stay in Istanbul

At Amiral Palace Hotel, we pride ourselves on delivering not only exceptional service but also a completely safe and legally compliant hospitality experience. Holding a prestigious Tourism Operation Certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we ensure our guests that they are choosing a hotel that meets rigorous standards for quality and service.

What is a Tourism Operation Certificate?

A Tourism Operation Certificate is a seal of approval granted by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This certificate is only awarded to hotels that meet a comprehensive list of requirements covering everything from safety standards to guest services and facilities. The rigorous evaluation process ensures that every certified establishment upholds the high standards of Turkish hospitality.

Why It Matters?

  1. Trust and Safety: This certificate assures you, our guest, of our hotel’s adherence to the strict safety, health, and environmental standards set by Turkish law.
  2. Quality Assurance: With a specific focus on quality management, our certificate means you can expect top-notch service, well-maintained rooms, and excellent amenities, including our Turkish Hammam, sauna, and fine dining options.
  3. Authentic Experience: By staying with us, you immerse yourself in a setting that is deeply rooted in Turkish tradition yet equipped with modern comforts. This blend of old and new is part of what makes your stay unique and memorable.

Visit Us to Experience Certified Turkish Hospitality

Choosing Amiral Palace Hotel means choosing a stay that is secure, high-quality, and officially recognized. Explore Istanbul from our convenient Sultanahmet location and rest easy knowing you are in the capable hands of a certified establishment. Book your stay at and experience the best of Istanbul with us.