Istanbul, with its profound history, also attracts visitors from all around the world with its rich culinary culture. The journey of flavors stretching from the Ottoman Empire to the present day manifests itself in every corner of Istanbul. Amiral Palace Hotel, one of the most important stops on this flavor journey, offers its guests a unique gastronomic experience by presenting both the subtleties of historical Ottoman cuisine and the innovative flavors of contemporary Turkish and world cuisines.

 Inspired by the Ottoman Empire

Ottoman cuisine is known for its diversity and richness of flavors. The refined tastes of palace cuisine have blended with flavors from different corners of the empire, creating a unique culinary culture. The menus offered at Amiral Palace Hotel are filled with dishes that honor this historical heritage. Traditional Ottoman dishes are prepared using carefully selected spices and local ingredients, offering guests a flavor journey filled with centuries-old recipes.

 Contemporary Flavors: Modern Turkish and World Cuisines

In addition to the classics of Ottoman cuisine, Amiral Palace Hotel also offers select flavors from modern Turkish and world cuisines to its guests. Renowned chefs reinterpret traditional dishes with a modern touch using local and fresh ingredients. The dishes served in the hotel’s restaurant are a visual delight and bursting with flavors, turning each meal into an unforgettable experience.

 Seafood and Rich Mezes

Due to its location, seafood holds an important place in Istanbul’s culinary culture. At Amiral Palace Hotel, seafood is served with both Ottoman and modern recipes. Fresh fish, shrimps, and calamari are served alongside rich mezes, preserving Istanbul’s tradition of seafood.

 The Gastronomic Mission of Amiral Palace Hotel

The culinary philosophy of Amiral Palace Hotel not only aims to offer delicious meals but also reflects Istanbul’s historical and cultural heritage. The hotel’s restaurant is a meeting point for both locals and guests from around the world. The rich culinary culture, shaped by renowned chefs, offers a unique experience to each guest.


Istanbul captivates its visitors not only with its history and culture but also with its culinary culture. Amiral Palace Hotel promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience by presenting both the historical and modern aspects of this rich culinary culture. Inspired by the Ottoman era, modern interpretations, and a feast of seafood, Amiral Palace Hotel is an ideal starting point for those wishing to explore Istanbul’s culinary map.

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