Sultanahmet, one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, is located in the heart of the city’s historic peninsula. This unique area, which hosted the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, holds significant importance in world history. Sultanahmet takes its name from Sultan Ahmet I, the Ottoman Emperor of the 16th century. During the era of the empire, this area gained even more prominence with the construction of the Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), named after the emperor himself.

The Sultanahmet Mosque is considered one of the largest mosques in the world, adding unique beauty to the silhouette of Istanbul with its six minarets. Hagia Sophia, on the other hand, is a magnificent structure dating back to the Byzantine Empire era, later converted into a mosque. Due to its architecture and historical religious significance, Hagia Sophia is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Situated right next to this historical fabric, the Amiral Palace Hotel offers a unique accommodation spot for travelers eager to experience Sultanahmet’s history and culture. The hotel is within walking distance of both Hagia Sophia and the Sultanahmet Mosque, thus providing guests the opportunity to explore the historical beauties of Istanbul.

The location of Amiral Palace Hotel not only offers guests the chance to visit historical sites but also allows them to deeply immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this historic area. From the historical chariots in Sultanahmet Square to the traditional Turkish cafes and souvenir shops in the surrounding narrow streets, every corner reflects Istanbul’s rich history and culture.

By combining Sultanahmet’s unique history with modern comfort and hospitality, Amiral Palace Hotel offers its guests an unforgettable Istanbul experience. After a day filled with historical explorations, unwinding on the hotel’s terrace while gazing at the enchanting views of Hagia Sophia and the Sultanahmet Mosque is undeniably a priceless experience.

Sultanahmet is an essential stop for every traveler wishing to explore Istanbul’s history, culture, and art. Amiral Palace Hotel, located right in the heart of this historical fabric, provides a comfortable and tranquil sanctuary, making every journey to Istanbul special.

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