Taksim Square stands as one of Istanbul’s busiest and most iconic places, serving as a meeting point where modern life and history converge. This unique location plays a significant role as a gathering, celebration, and even protest area for both Istanbulites and visiting tourists. The story of Taksim Square deeply reflects Istanbul’s layered history and contains intriguing mythological elements that are perhaps lesser-known but captivating.

 Historical Significance of Taksim Square

The word “Taksim” means “distribution” in Arabic, and the name of the square is derived from the main water distribution line built in the 18th century, supplying water to the European side areas of Istanbul. The square itself gained importance as the main distribution point of the city’s water during the Ottoman Empire. Over time, Taksim has become the center of Istanbul’s social and cultural life, hosting many significant events.

 Taksim Square and Mythology

While Taksim Square itself may not have a distinct mythological story, Istanbul as a whole is rich in mythology and legends. For example, one of the legends regarding the city’s foundation is based on the Greek hero Byzas. It is said that Byzas founded the city, which was later named Byzantium after him. Taksim and its surroundings are places where such mythological stories and historical events intertwine with modern life.

 Iconic Structures in Taksim Square

Taksim Square is home to the Republic Monument, one of Istanbul’s most recognized symbols. The monument houses statues of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, and his comrades. Additionally, the historic buildings, modern shopping centers, and art galleries surrounding the square reflect Istanbul’s cultural diversity.

 How to Get to Taksim Square: Journey from Amiral Palace Hotel

Traveling from Amiral Palace Hotel in Sultanahmet to Taksim Square is a wonderful way to explore both the history and the modern face of Istanbul. The hotel is conveniently located near various public transportation options that provide easy access to Taksim Square. A short journey by metro, tram, or bus will take you to this vibrant and historic square of Istanbul.


Taksim Square serves as a unique meeting point where Istanbul’s modern and historical facets converge. Easily accessible from Amiral Palace Hotel, this square sits at the heart of the city’s social, cultural, and historical life. The bustling atmosphere of Taksim, its various iconic structures, and the surrounding culinary stops will create unforgettable moments during your visit to Istanbul.

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