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Dear Valuable Amiral Palace Hotel Guests,

As Amiral Palace Hotel family, we remain fully committed to the health of our guests about Covid-19, the worldwide outbreak disease has our fully attention and dedication. We would like to inform you that we have implemented control measures.

According to Covid-19 crisis management procedures, we apply our preventive measures against Covid-19 disease in all our fields, including guest and employee areas. First of all, by creating a monitoring board that includes all the senior management in our hotel, we ensured that our employees were vaccinated and provide to our employees the awareness of “Taking concrete risks and taking measures quickly and effectively”, we explained our employees how to increase their personal hygiene levels, we applied our detailed cleaning and disinfection procedures in all areas. We took the measures at a high level.

In an effort to reduce the risk at contamination for our guests and team members the following services will be:

As Amiral Palace Hotel management, we are in close contact with all relevant national and international institutions and organizations, and we will continue to develop the measures we take to ensure the safety and health of our guests and employees.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Amiral Palace Hotel Management